A lot of stuff in the Guardian today, but the most amusing pop-related story isn’t linked, sadly – William Hague, the balding runt currently leading the Tory party into saloon bar oblivion, has fallen foul of Massive Attack, after choosing “Man Next Door”, the Horace Andy-sung track off of Mezzanine, as his ‘mini-manifesto’ launch music. Massive are apparently consulting lawyers and suchlike, since they are, as their spokesman tenderly put it, “considerably to the left of William Hague”. The question is, though, why that track? Knee-jerk populism is all very well, but it wasn’t even a single and it’s not as if the party faithful are going to know a John Holt tune….maybe the little feller’s notorious appearance at the Notting Hill Carnival a few years ago wasn’t just a publicity stunt and Billy Fizz is a dyed-in-the-wool reggae fan? Hmmm.