In lieu of any real content on NYLPM today, more reports from the indie rock zineblog warz. Pitchfork drops its fence-sitting policy and disparagingly quotes Splendid. Well and good. But Pitchfork of course never links to anyone (‘cos they think it would be unprofessional or something, I don’t know), and nor do they here.

Now, I don’t read Splendid’s review section that much and I’d no interest in The Explosion (the punky indie rock band in question) until reading Kristin Sage Rockerman’s review, which actually made them sound quite good. So I’d quite like to look at the Splendid review, but of course no link from Pitchfork. If you’re going to quote an online piece, you should link it, not out of music zine community spirit bullshit but out of basic respect for your readers.