I Love Music: first of all, a combined tip of the hat and apology to Nanette, whose Chatterbox forum works so well that I thought I’d nick it. (Well, actually, use the same forum service, but you know what I mean).

I Love Music is, inevitably, the Freaky Trigger discussion forum. It uses a Q & A format – somebody (could be me, could be you) puts up a question (“Where the hell is Tanya?” for example), and everybody else posts their answers, which in turn might spark new questions, etc. etc. I’ve put up two questions to kick things off.

It’s going to cover anything we talk about here and on the rest of the site – specifically, whenever we run a long piece, I’ll start a forum topic about it (whether anyone answers or not). Anyway, I Love Music is there for you to use and I hope you use it and like it.