Congratulations to kitschbitch for getting a mention in the CMJ and all, but reading their article on weblogs, with the footer “New Music” at the bottom, I can’t help but feel that they could have tried a little harder to find some of the many weblogs out there that are dedicated to music. Now, obviously I’m special pleading here, but it must be one of the most written-on subjects and the tiniest bit of research – a blogger search on a popular band, for example – would have turned up at least one or two of the music-specific sites. As I’ve said before, music – especially in the post-Napster world of instant MP3 gratification – is an ideal subject for a weblog: CMJ missed a trick here.

(Or maybe they realised that there might be too many people like me out there, who since writing and reading free music blogs online have pretty much given up on print entirely….)