A Ramble With Pram: an excellent piece by Kevin Pearce which manages to pin down that consistently charming and intriguing group as well as anything else I’ve read about them. From your official favourite e-zine Tangents, which has exploded with life over the last few days, editor Alistair Fitchett contributing no less than five (typically strong) pieces on various pop crannies.

What I like most about the Pearce article is how he starts with the assertion that Pram are his favourite band and ends up deciding that he’ll probably, maybe, sometime buy their new LP. This gets something very right about a certain type of listener and the whole idea of ‘favourite bands’. I’m still very uncomfortable even having a favourite band, as it seems to leave so very much out, and Pearce’s implication seems to be that you can pick favourites with a combination of respect and whim, something I’m definitely in agreement with.