In Review makes a good point about my American Psycho piece, and yes, the choice of tracks do work as a commentary, but I still felt that the film was more generally effective than the soundtrack makes it out to be. As for “less hip than dark” – well, yes, though dark is hip these days as often as not. Incidentally I think the movie’s score is being released separately – whether it’ll be Cale-heavy or not, I don’t know.

IR also singles out this piece from the archives, which is definitely one of the most original lists I’ve seen for a while – ‘buzzkill’ tracks which set up expectations and then slap their audience up by denying them. That said describing a ‘radio edit’ of a Napalm Death track as being “a brilliant if nasty trick on radio” does rather suggest that radio stations were queueing up to play Napalm Death. Hm.