DJ Luck And MC Neat feat. JJ – “Masterblaster 2000” (mp3)
B15 Project feat. Chrissy D & Lady G – “Girls Like Us” (mp3)

UK Garage as “Pop!” and I love it. Replacing Sweet Female Attitude’s “Flowers” in my affections come these two… Why is the latter called “Girls Like Us” when they’re obviously singing “girls like this”? Why is the former’s keyboard line (0:53) so enticing to me? Will the answers lie in one of the many UK Garage albums I see advertised on TV? I think the time has come to buy my first ever trashy chart mix CD. Ministry’s Ayia Napa compilation (mixed by the Artful Dodger!!!) is ranking increasingly higher in my mental list of must-haves.

Whereas normally my right-on intelligent music fan credentials would come to the fore when making a purchase in a genre I didn’t know too much about, I feel that this time nothing is important to me except getting my chart-friendly little hands on the HITS!!! Until Craig David’s poorly titled “Born To Do It” LP is out I’ll suffice with something on Polygram TV records…

Take another listen; this is sexy pop.