The beauties and evils of Napster: I download an interesting (and apparently “rare!!!”) track but I don’t really know what it is.

Please, somebody, tell me where this is from, what it’s meant to be or why it was made. It sounds as if it’s live in a studio? A re-make or demo of “Intergalactic”? It comes across like the Beastie Boys of the “Paul’s Boutique” era attempting a cover version of the song, it’s so different to the album version. Dropped in samples, a spoken interlude, funky (not robot-funky, just plain funky) groove, and old-skool Beasties raps… there’s even a fine last-minute attempt not to make a reference to the Simpsons: “Warning! We have an intruder in sector… G7!” Listen and be baffled.

(Later: Thanks to Boyce for letting me know that the Olde Mix sounds like it might be the original demo of “Intergalactic” (as mentioned in the Anthology liner notes). Now if only I can find those liner notes somewhere…)