First off, hello NYLPM readers! It’s been a long time (or perhaps only as long as since you last left my blog). I saw Tom post on this one, and I was about to do the same on my blog, but I figured what the hell. So here’s one for nostalgia’s sake.

This is actually the first ride song i’ve ever heard, though I’m fully aware that it’s not typical of their sound. It is something, though, that i could imagine soundtracking the life of a young, awkward tom ewing, and I could also probably see it as something that I would’ve felt deeply about four or five years ago. the opening guitar chords are wistful and set a nice mood for the rest of the song. as tom says, the lyrics are neither here nor there, they just are, and the melody is a fine one. I’ll give the drummer a little more credit than tom as the beats get better later on in the song — actually, the more I think about it, this song reminds me of a stone roses song, right down to the untrained vocals. on one listen, it’s a charming little song as in, “look at them, they can’t really play, but they MEAN it” right down to the squawky string section. down the line, I don’t have a hard time imagining that it would annoy the pants off of me, particularly without the fond memories that Tom’s attached to it. and, really, what would Isabel make of that last line? cad.