One of the wonders and terrors of Blogger is that it brings Usenet’s age-old ability to post in haste and repent at leisure to a webwide audience. Signal Drench Music Magazine is annoyed, and rightly, at the comment I made that the Top 100 list he put together is “a well-written slog through predictable material”. This was a tossed-off comment made in irritation. With hindsight, I regret the word ‘slog’ and I’m sorry: can we all mentally substitute ‘romp’, please? I don’t regret ‘well-written’ because it was, and I don’t regret ‘predictable’ because to me it was that too: voted-for lists almost always are, and that’s no reflection at all on the voters. As for what the hell I want from him: keeping on doing what he’s doing would be great as far as I’m concerned. ‘Pologies.

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