News Unlimited | Brother beyond “I’d become the music industry Orson Welles. Everybody wants to take you to lunch, but nobody wants to give you the money to make the motion picture” – Scott Walker talks to The Guardian about his curatorship of London’s Meltdown Festival. Lots of meaty stuff on that, some interesting if familiar bits on his untouchable 60s career, and tantalising references to a new album (and tour!). Also, a look at and brief chat with Jim O’Rourke and Smog, both of whom are playing Meltdown at Walker’s request: “O’Rourke is dismissive of people who take music too seriously. When DJing, he has been known to play Led Zeppelin and Alanis Morissette back to back, both to antagonise people and because he thinks they are great. He says he’d record the Spice Girls in a minute”.