Houston/Problem: I’m unable to update to the main Freaky Trigger site. While this provides me with a cast-iron excuse for not putting up all those articles and letters I’ve been promising, it is also ARSE in that it leaves three vital aspects of the Freaky Trigger Empire adrift. First off, Tanya can’t post her stuff, though personally I’m not too bothered about that. Secondly, it means no Duel! updates, which is more annoying since we were on quite a tight schedule. And thirdly, it means that through no fault of his own Mike Daddino can’t post stuff to CAOTM, which irks me quite a lot. Steps are being played, and indeed taken, to sort this out.

Anyway, expect plenty of stuff here to make up for this lack.

The Freaky Trigger pub meet was a rousing success – thanks to Ned, Stevie, Tim, Jane and Robin for showing up, plus the assorted wastrels I knew already.