Eek! You go home for one weekend and you find when you come back you find you’ve turned into a blog-meme. Or something very similar. Thanks to Prolific, my little Top 100 Albums list has rapidly become the most-hit thing on the site over the last day or so. Frightening, really, given how quickly it was done and how little, looking at it, I feel it represents what I actually like (the Top 100 Singles list is better for that). But that’s always the way with lists. Anyway, I think it’s really cool that somebody (Meg at Not So Soft) hasn’t got any of the records on the list, and I think that Caroline at Prolific really should get that Hal Willner album, particularly if she’s planning to have a dinner party any time this century, and I’d love to hear Tom Barbelith’s (or anyone’s!) suggestions for what I missed out, and thankyou everyone for looking.

Here, incidentally, are a couple of records I think I missed out:
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS – 69 Love Songs (which would be #1) and Holiday
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – The Boy With The Arab Strap (lurking near the bottom of the table)
PIANO MAGIC – Low Birth Weight (mid-table)

…but the number of awesome 1990s singles I’ve heard since completing my list is absolutely vast.