Double Nickels On The Dime gets the Western Homes treatment. I’ve often tried and failed to like the Minutemen, and I’ve tried and failed to work out why I’ve failed, too. File under: blind spot. The fecundity of Double Nickels might have been something to do with it – it’s kind of like 69 Love Songs for rock kids, and I can utterly see why people might not go for 69LS. At the end of his review, WH comments that putting a Minutemen track on the end of your next mix tape will “get results” – good grief, people! There are reasons to make mixtapes other than the ceasless pursuit of, ahem, “results”.

Admittedly they’re all less good reasons.

Western Homes says lots of nice things about us on his main page, too, which sparked many a thought this morning, which thoughts I’m now too busy to blog. Later, when I’m less hungover.