amplified to rock asks “What sort of music do the readers of Maxim listen to while they play with their hip gadgets, drink martinis, and swap tips on how to get women to sleep with them?”. Oh, I think we all know the answer. They play the latest rubber-stamped alternative music (Eels, Travis – nothing too indulgent, you know? – they’re probably just getting round to Midnite Vultures) and then ‘chill’ with compilations of some of the better-known easy-listening cuts. If somebody were to ask one of them if they owned any, say, original Dean Martin LPs, they’d look at him as if he’d just said he wasn’t really that interested in sports.

Oh, and while everybody else their age is trying to pretend they don’t like Eminem, the Maxim guys are trying to pretend they do.

This at least answers the question – sort of – of how Maxim ended up in my referrer stats. For a second I thought: “Oh God! A monster hits-generating media outlet notices NYLPM – and it has to be Maxim!!!”. And then I woke up.