The music blog explosion: where are they all coming from, asks westernhomes? It’s not Napster, it’s the proliferation of easy-blogging tools like Blogger, and it’s just the sheer obviousness of the links/reviews/thoughts format as a way to cover music. I worry to some extent that Freaky Trigger is neglected because of the time I’m taking to write NYLPM, but on the other hand, with the amount of stay-late work days I’m having, FT would be neglected anyway.

I’m currently feeling more enthused about and connected to music than I have been since I first got into Usenet, and the proliferation of good, gutsy fansites is a lot to do with it. The lesson, O readers – START A BLOG. Or at least tell me why not…

Mind you, I suspect steal this blog! would be somewhat perturbed to be described as “an indie rock weblog”, given the vicious chatwar I had a couple of weeks ago with it’s creator over which of us was less indie and more pop (he won, easily, damn it).

Enough self-referential nonsense – back to the content!