Signal Drench Music Magazine: four reviews a day and they’re all of indie rock! Sweet Lord, can nothing stem the tide?? My usual if-you-like-indie-rock-you’ll-like-this comments apply, though I should point out that if you dare click anywhere else than a review you will be confronted with an inescapable tiger beanie.

But a note of caution must still be struck. This rant from an posting (not mine) is categorically not about Signal Drench, who are lovely people and good to their mothers, but deserves reposting anyway because it’s really funny. “What kind of gimmick is “We’ll review 1000 albums a week that all sound and look exactly the same even though 90% of these only exist as promos on college radio music directors’ desks yeah we know no-one in their right mind would bother trying to decide whether the new Butterglory is more worth buying than the new At The Drive In but at least maybe we’ll get a banner ad or two from online record stores stupid enough to cater to this brain-dead market and then we can retire at the age of 27 with a decent investment portfolio and stacks of lame indie records to jack off to while our shy little indie girlfriends are off buying fake fur at the Salvation Army” anyway?”