Punk Manifesto: Greg Griffin’s ‘punk manifesto”s core message (summary: Ask Questions) is good and infinitely repeatable. The evolutionary-biology flimflam surrounding it is original, though I wouldn’t agree with him that lying is never socially or culturally useful, as seems to be his implication. But he loses it when talking about big-T truth and small-t truth: his big-T truth is just as much the product of the “objective” experience of individuals as small-t truth is, it’s just those individuals have a lot more money and power than Greg does. And his small-t truth just looks like a bullheaded reliance on “common sense” (or “uncommon sense”, being as punks are very individualistic) dressed up as objectivism.

Plus at no point is the connection made between all this limbic stuff and making shouty guitar music as opposed to, say, disco. Which is the connection shallow ol’ me is interested in. (Ta Josh for the link.)