I’d never clicked on a Kick Bright link before, for the bizarre reason that I thought he was a really dodgy indie label, whereas in fact he is a MUSIC WEBLOG, and one that’s been going for approximately ever. He reviews things, he links to things, he talks about his cat.

Almost none of the things he reviews I’ve heard of (this is a good thing). Which makes me think: why are most of these other cool music sites I’m linking to so indie in outlook? There’s a real split between people like kempa.com, western homes, kickbright, etc., and people like, uh, me, who reviews loads of pop and old stuff and very little that could remotely be termed obscure. I’d guess the reason is that I’m humble enough to believe nobody is going to buy a record on my say so, and simultaneously arrogant enough to believe that what I have to say about a big mainstream release is as or more interesting than what, say, Q Online has to say about them.

I was led to Kickbright by Splendid, which is an e-zine and covers – wait for it – indie rock. With all the people writing about indie rock you’d think a few more records would get sold, wouldn’t you? Is Splendid splendid? Well, they wrote to me and asked for a link, and there it is. They do actually look pretty good, but I’m too tired for music articles tonight, and so I dug straight through to the links page, where Freaky Trigger is not, but then again they do slag loads of their links off so I should probably count my blessings.