Detritus: Josh wanted a one-stop shop for sampling/cut’n’paste culture on the web, and that’s what Detritus is. Get yer Plunderphonics here! And in response to his Moloko comment – apparently that’s the chat-up line the singer of Moloko used on the instrumentalist when first they met. Why you’d want to pull somebody who used to be in Chakk is beyond me, but it’s ended up with pots of money for the both of them.

And “Britishisms” on the Momus site? Lor luv a duck! Josh, me ol’ china, I ‘aven’t the foggiest idea wot you’re talking abaht! (Incidentally: advice for Americans wanting to annoy Brits. War of Independence cracks don’t work because British history teaching is so crappy that most of us don’t even know that parts of North America used to be British colonies. Extensive newsgroup research has revealed that the “saved your Limey asses in the war” line strikes a much rawer nerve.)