And that’s your lot for the English Tape. Next up is the Bad Music issue, which I’ve gone on about plenty already (I should really shut up and get to work on marking all the stuff up). NYLPM’s contribution to this festival of badness will be – surely not – the Bad Music Tape. But in this case, bad is going to mean, well, bad-ass. As an English person I feel a frisson of impropriety even typing the word ‘bad-ass’, so as you can guess I’m perhaps not the ideal curator. I need, in other words, your ideas for the meanest, lowest, toughest and most downright evil tracks around. If you actually want to review them, why, that’s even better!

NB: In order to be bad-ass, you must also be cool. So no KoRn or Slipknot or anything like that, thankyou.