All Music Is Bad!: in a couple of days we launch the Bad Music issue of Freaky Trigger, and to mark the occasion, a special blog is being readied, a sick mutant lock-it-in-the-attic half-brother of NYLPM which will last for the 6 weeks the new issue does, and then the best of its deranged and wrong-headed contents will be archived on the main site (or in a lead-lined box at the bottom of the ocean’s deepest trench).

How will this work? It is simple.

i) You name a band, or album, or song, or entire bloody genre. Anything at all.
ii) I (or one of my esteemed co-writers) slag it off. As long as we’ve heard of it (and even then…).

The object is to have fun, to provoke, and to demonstrate that no music – not even the most sacred of sacred cows – is beyond a bit of constructive, persuasive, or just downright hostile criticism. So start sending me your requests, or indeed ask to participate.