YOROKU SAKI – Tech-Scientific (Alpha Version) / Goodtimes (Demo Version) (MP3s)
Maybe it was the reference to the predictions in George Orwell’s 1984, and their historical presience, that attracted me first (but then it almost inevitably would). Maybe it was Eighth Wonder’s flow, incredibly aspirational, endlessly pushing towards new heights of learning (shame on you Reynolds for that voyeuristic celebration of “street” rap, at least as far as the lyrical content goes). But then there was Yoroku Saki’s production, cold, middle-European, almost Arctic, based around a glockenspiel. It might fit almost too easily into the developing cliches of “articulate” rap, but it’s still had me addicted for the last few days.

Forgive me for veering into Momus fetish territory here, but Yoroku seems almost too Japanese, in that this music can make me (dishevelled, shambolic) feel impossibly cool and self-confident. “Goodtimes” is a reinvention of 60s bubblegum – essentially the Fifth Dimension or the Lovin’ Spoonful as a garage band – and that particular dichotomy recalls a certain genius compatriot of Yuriko. While nothing here reaches Fantasmagorical heights, there’s enough to have you lurking for a while with this ever-changing pop aesthetic. Keep up.