“The thing here, is letting girls know what guys talk about”. Oh really? Well, as long as it’s educational, who’s to complain? But exactly what topics would you expect a song dedicated to thongs to cover off, I wonder: which thongular material chafes the least, perhaps? Or harsh words on the sweatshop manufacture of thongs? Or would you perhaps anticipate that the entire song is about arses? Ah, third time lucky!

Luke Skyywalker this is thankfully not, though – Sisqo may be playing the horny goof, but he’s not overdoing things and from his pant-laden rhyming to the infectious “Thong-th-thong-thong-thong!” chorus he keeps “The Thong Song” smutty without letting it get uncomfortable. That said the number one reason to hear the track is its production, drunken strings reeling towards a histrionic, hip-hoperatic chorus which lusty or not is one of the most gleefully soulful things I’ve heard in ’00.