PRIMAL SCREAM – “Kill All Hippies” (7″)
After filleting “Swastika Eyes” in the Singles Bar I ended up really liking it. I doubt I’ll say the same of this footling effort, where Mani does his best to give the track a bassline backbone and the rest of the last-for-now gang in town do their best to stop him. The music’s a bit of mess: what about the message? Well, a nice sampley woman tells us to destroy conformity, and Bobby Gillespie sings in a grisly falsetto: “You got the money / I got the soul / Can’t be bought / Can’t be sold”. I find it pretty unlikely Bobby’s got less money than, for example, me, and if he does it’s solely because he spent it all on drugs. “Got the soul” can be roughly translated as “Got the right records”. However the cant-be-bought-and-sold stuff is accurate, given that most people are surely acquiring copies of the Scream’s Telegraph-endorsed rebellion opus through pirate MP3s. I know I am. Rock and fuckin’ roll.