Hello everyone! Its Wednesday, its 7pm so harken up to the sweet sounds of Saltarello drifting across your Resonance airwaves. EXCEPT YOU WON’T! Because today is NO MUSIC DAY as decreed by Bulldog Drummond and his trusty service revolver, and thus we will not be playing any music AT ALL tonight. At least one of our contributors is probably happy (Tanya!).

Anyway, we have decided to comply with this ban, but in a 21st C rebellion sort of way we will leave you the bits and bobs for you to cut and paste your own show together the way Mom would have made it. Thus at 7pm we suggest you turn on the radio and play the first track below – (Saltarello the FTATLOP Theme). Fade when we start talking.

THEN when we instruct you, AND NOT BEFORE, play Track 1. This is Tom’s track
THEN when we instruct you, AND NOT BEFORE, play Track 2. This is Sarah’s track.
THEN when we instruct you, AND NOT BEFORE (but safe bet it will be near the end of the show) play track 3, the UK’s midweek illegally downloaded number one.

I daresay we will knit it all together too in a bumper edition, like you would expect, but tonight you will will be priviliged to hear snippits of the “Behind The Scenes” conversations we have when the music is playing. So join me you mumbling host Peter Baran, my scintillating guests Alix Campbell, Sarah Clarke and Tom Ewing plus special guest Tanya Headon and a letter from Tajikistan (not forgetting ace nobsman Rob Brennan on the ace nobs) at 7pm on Resonance 104.4 for Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of ???