Eight episodes are now up: Hazel Southwell and Mark Sinker talking through the story of the UK music press from two very different angles (bcz I am old and she is not), to help start the conversation around my upcoming book.

pod 1: the pilot!
pod 2: uh merry memories of the nme!
pod 3: the ins and outs of PUNK ROCK
pod 4: underground overground what’s in between
pod 5: how do you cope when it’s not even pop
pod 6: the book!! and how the rock press ended up as the last guardian of the 60s underground
pod 7: writing about pop and making a living (hint: you can’t and never could)
pod 8: how the 60s teen-beat mags tackled LSD!

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Here is the book (cover courtesy Savage Pencil of course)!