Touch Me- Samantha Fox

In many ways Samantha Fox wanting us to touch her should not surprise us. As the most famous Page 3 girl the Sun ever had, she was certainly used to being seen. What difference would a bit of touching make? Well perhaps the subtitle (I Want Your Body) might give you pause for thought. If you know anything about body vampirism and possession at least.

Now I am not saying that Sam Fox is some sort of evil demon who will take over your mind, body and soul (though having seen her on a number of reality TV shows the evil demon bit is plausible). But look at the lyrics. It starts with it being full moon. And then the very phrase that she was hunting him down. And yet when she does get to touch him, he is gone, quick as a flash. The only solution. That his soul has been destroyed by her vampiric ways.

That is one reading of the song anyway. The other one is that it is a tawdry cash-in on her tits-out occupation. Which may well be confirmed by these lyrics:
Like a tramp in the night
I was begging you
To treat my body like you wanted to