He’s as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see

Imagine giving this offer to David Blunkett. Sorry mate, your current state of not being able to see at all is going to be down graded to the worst form of blindness of all. You can only see what you want to see. Of course his vision would still be impaired in as much as he would not be able to see all the asylum seekers who are constantly overloading this country* but bar that he would have almost perfect eyesight. Actually, including that he would have perfect eyesight. (I know I Hate Music is rarely a platform for political expression but when I come across an authoritarian like Blunkett I find it a great pity that he is not using his reforming zeal on truly deserving victims like musicians, not poor people form Albania.)

Perhaps the Beatles had never met a blind person. Maybe they really did not know that being “as blind as you can be” actual involves a complete loss in sight. I am sure there are plenty of people who have been as deaf as they can be after listening to the first three Beatles Album. And more whose eyes were put out after seeing the psychedelic nonsense that was Yellow Submarine.

*Insert political joke here.