Have we stooped so low that new bands start sounding like the abstruse unloved band of old. I was not surprised when Suede rocked up ripping off Bowie. Bowie had hits after all (somehow, I blame the government for not locking up his freaky eyed mutant arse from the get go). Gene ploughed a lonely but occasionally lucrative furrow in the nineties trying to sound like the Smiths. And as much as it pains me I notice the Smiths were successful.

But this morning, due to a newsagent whom I will not be using again, I caught a bit of a brand new band. The Ordinary Boys. And has a band ever sounded as ordinary? Well yes, actually. You see The Ordinary Boys seem to be some form of Family Cat pastiche band. And really the world was not clamouring for anything more from Stephen Jelbert’s manky misfits. So hopefully the OB’s will go the same way.