Tina Turner – Simply The Best

Now you may not instantly consider Tina Turner a natural bitter drinker, but if you consider a few pertinent facts you will agree that actually the Best she is refering to in this song is almost certainly that made by Courage.

a) She walks like she is pissed. Sticking her arse out to all and sundry and teeter-tottering wherever she goes.
b) She dances like she is pissed. Really no debate there.
c) Here hair. Has her hair be immaculately coiffured by a top stylist? Or has she run her fingers through it with a bit of water, and turned the nozzle on the toilets hand drier up for a bit of quick lavvie blow dry action.
d) Her peers are the old grannies supping Mackeson Stout down at the Dog And Duck, just for the iron dearie. And as an old American lady concerned about her health she needs to get her diatry supplements wherever she can.