Mai-Tai – History

Obviously this piece is about Mai-Tai teh band, not just the song history. Oh, but wait, let us look at their discography.

1985 – History.

Well that’s it. I rarely stoop to eviscerating one-hit-wonders, mainly because I have never wondered why they only had one hit. Clearly in Mai-Tai’s case it was because the word was not ready for a German Three Degrees. In my opinion the world will never be ready for a German Three Degrees, and if it ever does become ready for one I will crawl off into a hole waiting for the cockroaches to take over.

The rock family tree of Mai Tai is a thing of ramshackle beauty in itself. The various members had spent ten years in different bands with American sounding names trying to break the charts. Jetty Weels had been in Rockaway Boulevard, American Gypsy, Streetlight and Braak; Carolien de Windt had starred in Fruitcake and Precious Wilson and Mildred Douglas had toiled in Hans Dulfer, Fruitcake and Rockaway Boulevard. Frankly naming yourselves after New York Subway stops is not going to convince anyone of your Yankee credentials. Mind you, the only authentically German band name on the list “Braak” would send any roecord shop owner laughing into his drug peddlars beard. History – without a doubt.