Oh, I know people pronounce it bass as in bass guitar, but originally it was Bomb The Bass, to rhyme with ass which describes Tim Simenon perfectly. A man with little musical talent, he became aware in the mid-eighties that computers and samplers were at an advanced enough level to let any joker who pressed a few buttons make a novelty record. He went ahead and did just that with Beat Dis, only to be surprised when the British public thought it was serious. Fair enough, it lacked the humour of any decent novelty single, instead content in looping the same vocals and melodies endlessly. But instead the British public should have ignored it, saving us from later “epics” such as Bug Powder Dust and Neneh Cherry.

So what did Simenon have againt Bass Bitter that he wanted to bomb it so. Perhaps it was the appropriation of the red triangle as a logo for the brand that annoyed him so. You see the red triangle, being an international symbol for DANGER! would have been idea strung around teh neck of anyone who dallied with samplers and the like, and Tim wanted to destroy any such hint. Of course the British public may not have taken this hint, but they soon took the hint in general, leaving Tim to fiddle quietly at home. Bombed out, you might say.