Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve

It is ironic that the drink spoiled (spilled, what with Ashcroft bumping into people so often) in this song is bitter. If I was to associate any kind of drink with the anally retro obsessed Verve it would be Real Ale, with its beardy advocates mumbling on the difference between Bishop Prick and Abbot’s Cunt-welcher. In the scheme of things The Verve are the Cunt-welcher and Ashcroft on his own is the Bishop’s Prick. A brown flat drink with bits floating in in, with nothing of the so called verve that a sharp Gin and Tonic has in it.

Bitter Sweet Symphony is worse than this metaphor would suggest, as it is not even a pure drink. Instead it is a slop tray full of Andrew Loog-Oldham’s strings and Ashcroft’s mumbled vocals. Only for the grizzled old geezer who sits at the end of the bar muttering how in his day he could take on all of yers.