TANYA’S ROUND OF RUBBISH – “Banned From The Pubs”

Peter and The Test Tube Babies found themselves in a spot of boozer difficulty.

Banned from pubs go on on your way
Banned from pubs no punks they say
Banned from pubs you lot get out
Banned from pubs no punks they shout

I have to say my heart is with the pubs in this dispute. If only their anti-punk jurisdiction extended to, say, the whole country. As it is perhaps the pub is the safest place for the punks. If their hands are occupied by holding beer and their mouths by drinking it then they can’t play or sing. No change there then. But beyond the evil of punk rock a far greater menace lurked, a menace which has a direct bearing on the Round Of Rubbish. Reader, prepare yourself: I am speaking of PUB ROCK.