This mob don’t stop. Not happy just to blight the cocktail supping set, the tequila obsessed foursome also have to get their digs into the French Teenage bouzing market. Consider, the French youth have enough to worry about, having to listen to MC Solaar, Johnny Halliday and Depeche Mode every day. You too might be driven to the exceedingly obscene lengths of drinking a tequila flavoured beer. But for The Eagles to then write not just a song, but an album about said beer, well its like capturing Joan Of Arc and then setting her on fire just to be sure.

“Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?”
Quite clearly the youth of France cannot come to their senses because they are out of their box on a tequila flavoured beer. Henley, Frey – leave them be. And stop singing about tequila.