1: Kate Bush: Babooshka

She wanted to test her husband, she knew exactly what to do
Was this:
a) Get 20 multiple choice questions prepared for him when he got home from work
b) Hire a Private detective to see if he’s playing away
c) Ask him, late one night in bed, if he was really still comfortable with their relationship and happy, you know, in themarriage. He might not tell the truth but sometimes the way we tell those meaningful lies lets on more than you would imagine.
d) Pretend to be a Russian temptress half your age and send him love letters to coax him into infidelity , even going to the point of meeting whilst putting on a stupid accent like Rene Russo in The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle.

She knew EXACLTY what to do? Methinks the Southern Examining Board know a bit more about testing than Bushie, and they rarely dress up geography teachers as foreign nationals to catch out the know-it-all kids.