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Weedy Eighties White People Singing About Soul Stars #2: Spandau Ballet – “True”

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In particular, Tony Hadley crooning in is fat faced way:
“Listening to Marvin, Allllll night long.
This is the sound, of my soul.”

Well assuming we can even call True a soul song, if there is one thing it does not sound like it is the master of Motown Prog Marvin Gaye. Now I have extolled the crimes committed by Marvin Gaye at great length, and the proof of the evil is in his shooting BY HIS DAD, but Gaye worship is almost as evil. Just think of all these pale, wan soul boys sitting in bedsits above fish and chip shops, listening to Maaarvin Alllllll Night Long. Fine this might involve the frighteningly over-rated What’s Going On, and a touch Sexual Healing, but it will also involve Hear My Dear. Now imagine Tony Hadley, stuffing his face with a pack of Mini-Rolls whilst sobbing his heart out to a record that Marvin wrote to paty off his alimony. That is the sound of his soul!

Spandau Ballet, daft name, dud band, again with the strange idea that name checking a soul legend will somehow lend some of that legendary status to their big collared affair. All it did of course was cause sleepless nights, as you can’t listen to Marvin Allllll night long without ending up like a sleep deprived prisoner of some ancient fare eastern torturer. I know that much is true.


  1. 1
    geekpie on 9 Oct 2007 #

    i need your stories about weedy 80s new romantics: http://www.daveches.co.uk/80s

    (because they were ace)

  2. 2
    Marcello Carlin on 10 Oct 2007 #

    Of course Gary Kemp could have been listening to his Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy tapes.

    The single most irritating thing about this most irritating of songs is that Tory Hadley is actually singing “Mar-VAIN.” Was this a shortlived Brylcreem wannabe?

  3. 3
    Dave on 28 Dec 2007 #

    Spandau ballet.. Fuck sake.. The name says it all.. May as well call themselves Belsen Flamenco or Auschwitz Jitterbug, new romantics were a scourge on the eyes and ears, a fashion and sound that was cynically crapped endlessly out by record producers that wouldnt know good music if it came up and poked them in the arse with a fender strat.. I thought about buying an ouzi and rid the world of new romantics but after many hours soul searching decided against it as i knew i had an aversion to prison food and being some fat nasty bastards bitch.. I knew that if i waited a few dreary months the saddos that loved new romantic would get bored and find another new fashion…

  4. 4
    Geir H on 30 Dec 2007 #

    Uhhhh.. The New Romantics acts actually wrote their own songs – as opposed to today’s teenyboppers. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. 5
    Dave on 30 Dec 2007 #

    Okay, where in my post do i say that they didnt write their own music?

  6. 6
    Dave on 30 Dec 2007 #

    Not saying of course that all music from that era was naff, the Cure, Stranglers and Madness to name just three groups of exceptional musical ability from that time. A good yardstick for any band or artist is how they sound live, the above mentioned groups were better live than recorded. I never heard Talk Talk live but the production quality of their recordings on vynil was phenominal.

  7. 7
    Geir H on 30 Dec 2007 #

    Judging synth based music from how it sounds live is pointless.

  8. 8
    M Robinson on 8 Jun 2009 #

    The name ‘Spandau Ballet’ was thought up by my pals and I in 1978.We moved to London, played a gig at ‘The Hope and Anchor pub’ and then found out that someone else had ‘FILCHED’ it. We never had a record deal and therefore are an asset to this site!We sang about tube trains and london crap life at the time.Punk/rock.Terrible but not ‘Fat men singing about American MOR singers. Now, we have to go throught the whole ‘name thing anger’ again.True

  9. 9
    Erithian on 8 Jun 2009 #

    This is jumping the gun slightly, M. Stick around for a few days.

  10. 10
    temac on 18 Jun 2009 #

    “Dancing the Spandau Ballet” was WWII British soldiers slang for the dancing of soldiers mown down by the German Spandau machine gun (1200 rounds per minute) – the fastest machine gun of the time

  11. 11
    Erithian on 18 Jun 2009 #

    Here, in Call My Bluff mode, is a discussion about the various theories as to the origin of the name:

    I enjoyed the time Martin Kemp’s appearance as the Sun’s Page Seven Fella was highlighted on “What The Papers Say”, with the presenter commenting “And the man on Page 7 is a ballet dancer”.

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