Gorky as in Gorky Park – scene of terrible crime (and a pretty terrible film though I always had a soft spot for the book which has long passages about the solace in vodka.)

Zygotic as in the Zygons – a particularly bad Doctor Who villain from the mid seventies whose foolproof method to take over the Earth was to set loose a Loch Ness monster (only just about doable if your definition of the world is pretty much bordered by Inverness).

Mynci as in the Welsh spelling on monkey – cos of course Welsh hasn’t got the letter K. So in Wales you can’t knee someone in the bollocks – you have to nudge their goolies.

When even the name is that much hard work – you know the band really are not going to be worth your time. If the Super Furry Animals (who thinks of these names) had not put you off Welsh bands forever, Gorky’s are here. Twee – we’ve got twee. Rubbish psychedelic paintings – check. A band with a flute player whose members generally wear wizards hats. Oh yes, Gorky’s are the Harry Potters of pop – without the phenomenal sales record. As easy to take in a fight though. Just nick their wands and smash their glasses.

Ver Mynci have been around for ten years, and still have barely scratched the top thirty. They have what is politely called a cult following. Though I remember what the FBI did with cults and hope they tour the US soon. It is quite clear to see how worhtless their music is though – what with their singer/songwriter/chief pointy hat wearer being called Euros. Fine if he was Belgian or Portugeuse – but he’s Welsh. And its not legal tender over there. Boyo.

I Hate Music