MARVIN GAYE – Sexual Healing
Baby, I’m hot just like an oven, I need some Lovin’

Why did Marvin Gaye Snr bust a cap in Marvin Gaye Jnr’s ass? All sorts of rumours abound regarding drugs, infidelity, madness or being on a mission from God (as filtered thru my good self). However what is often forgotten is that Marvin Snr was a grade school English teacher who was spitting mad that Marvin used such a piss poor metaphor in Sexual Healing. Hot just like an oven? What, someone has cranked you up to gas mark five and is about to pop a joint in you. (Actually – looking at it that way…). Oven’s are not sexual objects. They are items of kitchen furniture which would seem awful out of place in the average bedroom. Usually covered in grease, they get significantly hotter than the average lover. Indeed if he were to persist with this line the chorus ought to be:
“When I get that feelin’
I need Mr Muscle Oven Cleaning.”