Paul has got off relatively scott free round here (not relatively Scott Three which would be torturous as would any Scott Walker album). Mainly due to his only mucker John lennon being so awful and po-faced and handily dead so it’s impossible to libel him. Nevertheless this did get me thinking, Paul McCartney knows an awful lot of dead people. Yes he is getting on a bit, but he is not quite sixty four and really these life excpectancies would seem to be very tragic. Let’s look at the list of the obvious ones:

Stuart Sutcliffe
Brian Epstein
John Lennon
George Harrison
Linda McCartney

Now maybe the fella has just been unlucky. All these close associates popping their clogs. But then listen to the relish in which he sings his own confessionary song “LIVE AND LET DIE” and tell me that Ringo Starr has got nothing to worry about.