“Take a look at my girlfriend – she’s the only one I got,
Not much a girlfriend – we never seem to get along”

Now I’m no relationship counsellor but I think I can see why you – Mr Trampus Trampus Superior might not be gelling with your main squeeze. Acknowledging casually in a rubbish mid-seventies soft rock style that your girlfriend isn’t up to much is a sure fire way for her to cool her jets with you. And talking about jets, the whole premise of this flimsy song is that you want to dump said girl to go ogling the girls in California. For breakfast. But let us examine the flight schedules of all major airlines. You see it takes about nine hours to fly from the UK to California. However California is seven hours behind the UK in time difference. So to arrive for breakfast, the raison (bran) d’etre of the song you would have to leave at about breakfast time in the UK. However for the individual flying, it would actually be dinner-time by their internal clock – hence any meal taken would personally be dinner, whether or not it was being served in the morning. Not only am I being logical here (as the band would approve in the somewhat illogical Logical Song) but I’m Bloody Well Right too.

Perhaps this song was equally written under the influence of jet-lag. It can easily disorientate a person, leaving them confused, nauseous and on the strength of Supertramp’s output wholly robbing you of any musical talent. That said – it is nothing compared to being snuck up to in a dark alleyway (Californain or not) and being lead piping lagged.