Melanie – “I Don’t Eat Animals”
“I don’t eat animals, and they don’t eat me”

Oh course who am I to argue with the seminal thinker and proto-Mel in pop about her vegetarianism, but me it seems to be strikingly foolish to think that – if trapped by a Siberian Snow Leopard who cannot get the microwave to defrost his Findus French Bread pizza he is going to overlook the equally herb flavoured snack that is Melanie just because she is a card carrying vegetarian. It is possibly true that Melanie has not yet to this date been devoured by an animal – though since her career nosedived the day people stopped drawing flowers we cannot be so sure. That said I would see this as a challenge if I were an intelligent animal (though on second thoughts if I were an intelligent animal what I would be doing listening to a Melanie record is beyond me).

ANyway, I bet she’s been sucked by a mosquito somewhere along the line. Animals drink her, does she drink ’em back?