If you ask anyone it the music business about Napalm Death you will invariably get just the one response. “Lovely chaps” – they will say, almost as if they were the Kray Twins. You would expect them to then extoll upon the amount they love their mother. Instead you tend to get a slight rant along the lines that “you would never believe they were Vegans” and a cheery smile and wave. Not one mention of their music. My kind of conversation generally – the kind that does not mention music.

Indeed music, in its most classical tune, melody, lyrics, abject horror sense is pretty much not what you are going to get from ver Death. Well – unfortunately you still get the abject horror of people strapping on instruments, plugging them into amps and then; well then they’ll grunt like pigs for about thirty seconds. Thrash metal is a misunderstood genre, but I understand it perfectly. It sounds crap because it is crap. Its played by people who want to be hard, edgy and scary – but don’t even eat dairy cos it might hurt a wickle cows teat.

If you have ever looked at the lyric sheet on a Napalm Death album you would be surprised to find out the wide ranging political issues that are being touched upon. You would be even more surprised if you listened to one. It is quite possible to bring up the spectre of the global economic crisis caused by 90% of the worlds wealth being concentrated in 10% of the worlds population – but not if you pronounce every word “unnngh”. Napalm Death are just a bunch of softies pretending to be Metal. Without the leather trousers, cos leather (like Napalm and indeed Death) is murder.