XTC: Mayor Of Simpleton
?Never been near a University?

So was it some sort of XTC tribute band (Ex-TC maybe) that played the following gigs:

April 21 1979 – University College, Dublin
April 22 1979 – Queen’s University, Belfast
May 1 1979 – Reading University
May 2 1979 – Loughborough University
May 5 1979 – Bradford University
May 12 1979 – London School of Economics (Part of the University of London)

And that is just one tour. Do not believe a word they say kids. Other great XTC lies include that fact that they never actually enlisted in the army as promised in Sergeant Rock, they never made a plan for Nigel and that they have five senses – let alone working overtime. Even if they are not deficient in hearing – which a cursory listen to any of their records would suggest they are – they certainly lack taste.