THIN LIZZY – Jailbreak

You can just imagine the police not taking Phil Lynott altogether seriously as a snitch. With a hairdo / tache combination only seen on seventies footballers and a penchant for leather trousers – it would be like a transexual version of Cher as your number one supergrass. Also, perhaps it was the fact that Phil’s inside information was incomplete that scared him off going to the cops, and istead proclaiming it in the form of a rock song. Still, let us examine his information in full:

“Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak,
Somewhere in this town.”

If he had told the authorities, they could have perhaps doubled their forces to counter the possible explosion in crime which would follow such a escape. Nevertheless without the precise location of this exodus, it would merely be a holding exercise. If only Phil had known where that jailbreak was going to take place. Where oh where would these PRISONers break out of JAIL? Could be anywhere really.

“Tonight there’s going to be a jailbreak,
Probably at the jail”

I just think its a got a better ring to it. You know, considering its only possible to break out of a correctional institution if you are in it. It’s songs like this that people use t hold up the stereotype of Irish stupidity. Still, Lynott was no stranger to stupidity. He did end up making his solo album with Midge Ure after all.