Turn the fish up?smash the dish up

While there are bands like the Charlatans who falsely seek to underplay their dubious talents with an ironic name, there are those who try the other tactic of needlessly bigging-up their meagre musical resources. I am speaking here of none other than THE PRODIGY . The early career of The Prodigy (Experience – yeah!) while laughable with its toy-town-esque poinging, has nothing on the meat cart they unleashed later in their years. I give you laydeez and gents – ?The Narcotic Suite?. Thanks for nothing guys.

The musical career of a group of crusties from Braintree in Essex can only be viewed through the veneer of the hopelessly na?ve inner sleeve of “Music for the Jilted Generation” (Man alive, there they go again – about as cool as a cardi). For those in need of a memory-jog, what we have is a beautifully airbrushed scene with an arresting image of a long-haired gentleman with a cutlass, hacking away at a rope bridge traversing a gorge. On the other side of the gorge, we have the filth, the rozzers, the pigs, the peelers, the bobbies in full-riot attire inexplicably backgrounded with Gotham-like city in flame. On the greener-side, with cutlass-man, we have some kind of peaceful gathering involving young people, camper-vans and a sound-system. Just in the corner you can make out a dwarvy figure with a didgeridoo. And I do declare – our cutlass man is giving the law-enforcers ?THE FINGER?! How rude! In context, ?our hero? is probably listening to Ozric Tentacles, and who can blame him, from trying to exclude the coppers and ?Their Law? from his fun?

As for band members, despite valiant efforts from the dancers – Keith and the black tattoo dude, both are outweirded by the brains of this shrivelled organ: quiet Liam with his stern keyboard performances. Chris Lowe must have been an idol.

So, in sum – the Prodigy = toys, crusties and the one with the crab. Now that?s a career to be very proud of.