PULP: The Steve Wright Connection

Remember when Steve Wright did his hopelessly unfunny Radio One program in the late eighties? Around the jingles, the appaling music and the so-called “characters” (Mr Angry is not a character – its a name with ideas above its station) he did little discussions with his dolly bird researchers. These inane chats were called “talkie bits” – I suppose because they talked for a bit. Unfortunately El Jarvo also thought this was a good idea so started putting talkie bits on his records. Also known as telling a rubbish story over lacklustre backing.

David’s Last Summer anyone? There is no plot, there is no story here – it is merely an excuse for Jarvis to talk a bit about sex (quelle surprise) and not actually have to worry about writing a tune. That bit in the middle of contemporary rock opera Sheffield (INSERT JARVIS’ FAVOURITE WORD HERE) City where he imagines himself to be a fourteen year old girl full of boredom and, oh, thinking about sex. I suppose when he talks we don’t have hear his ready voice trying to hold on to a tune. But that is little consolation really. And he also deserves a slap for giving the idea to Arab Strap.