PULP: Candida’s Camera

Behind every great man there is a great woman – so the saying goes. So conversely, behind every jumped up talentless twat there is an equally talentless gormless chick swaying badly behind a selection of keyboards she found in a junk shop. Along with her clothes. We all knew girls like Candida at school. Genetically pre-disposed to have a hair lip, they hung around by the bins at playtime getting beaten up by their imaginary friends. The tended to wear their Gran’s curtains and on the odd occasion you talked to them they appered to have no social skills whatsoever.

This of course made her a shoe-in for a band where not having social skills is a positive advantage. But how important is this Doyle to Pulp. Well, think of those Wakemanesque keyboard solos and you tell me? Well, I suppose being in Pulp is better than putting the lids on fertizer tubs for a living. Still full of shit though