For godsakes, it’s fucking PAT METHENY trying to sound like Derek Bailey with Bailey right there. What could be worse? Well, Kenny G trying to sound like John Zorn with Zorn right there, maybe, but only because we could count on Bill Laswell to horn in with the same shitty-ass nut-hugging dub punk funk bunk bassline he’s been playing for the last twenty years. The only person in the ENTIRE WORLD who likes this album is Thurston Moore and Thurston likes fucking EVERYTHING. This album is even more unlistenable than the first Material album, a record which consisted of future Hole/Chili Peppers/Soul Asylum producer Michael Beinhorn SINGING (tuneless Orwellian toss, no less) over a backing from some new whipper-snapper named Laswell and guitarists (Fred Frith, Sonny Sharrock, Henry Kaiser) so awful they, just like Metheny, only wish they were Derek Bailey. Yet Sign of Four is STILL WORSE. I bet you Thurston doesn’t even like it that much.